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Question: 1
AYou must make a right turn only
B You must not make a left turn
C Hidden intersection ahead
D You are approaching a traffic island.
Do not turn left at the intersection. Drivers should plan their route in advance. Even if a GPS says to turn left, do not turn left at the intersection. Find an alternate route to the destination that does not involve a left turn at the intersection.
Question: 1
When driving a motor vehicle on the highway at night you should use low beam headlight (dim lights) When:
AMeeting or following another vehicle?
B Blinded by the headlights of an approaching vehicle?
C Approaching an intersection?
D Another driver dims his lights

A valuable resource for new and beginning drivers in Ontario. We offer a free, easy to follow G1 test online, so new drivers can pass their test easily.


The drivers test takes a lot of preparation for a successful outcome and our helpful quiz assists you in preparing as much as possible.


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We take your good old driving course and spice it up by combining it with fun activities like Camping, Hiking and even Shooting Practice to ensure that you have fun all the way!
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